Thursday, 3 October 2013

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October 2013

Two More NBA Teams Turn to the Noah for Help
Phoenix Suns and Sacramento Kings join recent NBA champions Miami Heat and Dallas Mavericks

June 2013

Measuring Shot Consistency
What is your Skill Level?  Angle of entry, shot depth, and overall shot arc consistency

May 2013

Shooting War on YouTube
Laurie Koehn trumps Max Hooper trumps Nik Stauskas in Round One!

Helping Players Focus on Noah Feedback Tips and Techniques #25

Videos of the New Noah App

April 2013

Canadian Women in the NCAA Tournament
Who showed up to the Dance?

What is the Noah?
A brief video primer

March 2013

New Noah App
First looks

March Madness 2013: Canadian Casualties on the Road to Atlanta
Who survived and will be joining Noah Basketball in Atlanta?

March Madness 2013: Noah and the Canadians Invited to the Dance
Noah and Canadian players at the tournament

Grinnell College and "The System"
Assisted by Noah

Helping Players Focus on NOAH Feedback Tip and Techniques #17 

Be the Change You Want to See in Your Arc
The four things a player can change to make the Noah announce the optimal arc of 45º and 11”

February 2013

Optimal Arc and Consistency: Why One Without the Other is No Good
Comparing the performance of two shooters with different skill levels averaging an identical 46º and 11"
Helping Players Focus on NOAH Feedback Tip and Techniques #13

January 2013

Helping Players Focus on NOAH Feedback Tips and Techniques #33

Developing Muscle Memory Using the Noah: An Independent Account 
7th graders report improving muscle memory and shooting percentages in science project

Helping Players Focus on NOAH Feedback Tips and Techniques #20

Helping Players Focus on NOAH Feedback
Or How to Make Sure Brain is Engaged Before Cranking Shot


December 2012

It's FREE so Take Advantage of the Free Throw! 
Like Kobe (here playing Bump Gangnam-style), your opponents are giving you free chances to earn 25% of your points

November 2012

Hand-Eye Dominance in Basketball
You look left and pass right just like Magic but do you shoot with the same eye and hand?

October 2012

Look Who's Shooting with the Noah Now
Ray Allen discovers machine in Miami Heat gym

September 2012

Looking Good on the Court
See how the 9sports and ArcU team up can give you what you need
Ricky Rubio and Connect Four Basketball
The Noah is engrossing but THIS is Fun!

Rodrigue Beaubois of the Dallas Mavericks with the Noah
Check out how Gary Boren and the Noah help the Dallas Mavericks and Roddy Beaubois shoot better

July 2012
At the Durham Chameleons summer shooting camp

June 2012

The Gold Standard
Chris Mullin.  Master II.  Enough said.

ArcU at the St. Francis Xavier Alumni Tournament with Stefan Jankovic
David Tucci hosts 1st Annual Alumni Basketball Tournament with great success

May 2012

Shot Motion Videos
Using videos for analyzing shot mechanics; the Mark Price Shooting Lab

ArcU at IEM Basketball Banquet and Award Presentation
At Sir William Mulock Secondary School on May 26 and 27

At Vaughan Secondary School on May 22, 2012

April 2012 

Comparing Shots II
A second series of shot arcs side by side

Why is There No Pot of Points at the End of a Rainbow Shot?
Make zones vs. distance control; half of your shooting woes explained right here

Tournament teams who use the Noah; the Noah in the Final Four and National Championship game

March 2012

Discover the Noah at the McWane Science Center
The latest technology in basketball shooting is now a permanent addition to a science center in Alabama

Shooting competition at the York South Silver Knights Bantam Girls tournament on March 24, 2012 

Comparing Shots
What do different shot arcs look like side-by-side?

James Pauley goes from 94% to 97% shooting after changing his arc

February 2012 

Noah Basketball builds actual shooting machine to validate mathematical model

Dwyane Wade using the Noah RIGHT NOW and improves FT shooting in less than 3 weeks!
D-Wade of the Miami Heat starts using the Noah; following footsteps of 2011 3-point shootout champ and teammate James Jones
Brampton's Fletcher's Meadow Secondary School; four new players on the Honor Roll

Ed Palubinskas; Herb Magee; Bob Fisher; Rick Torbett; Tom Nordland

January 2012

Featuring the Durham Chameleons Shooting Camp; 3PT shooting 7th grader Abby Kangudie; Grade 8 girl improves shooting from 32% to 64%

A Guide to Understanding Your Noah Report 
Section by section explanation of what is in your Noah report and what they mean to you

Grade 11 girl improves from 60% to 80% shooting by changing only her shot angle and depth; Practicing with the Noah

Grade 10 girl improves shooting percentage from 16% to 48% despite shooting with incorrect form; What is the right shooting form; Main purpose of the shooting form; Video analysis of incorrect shot motion

Featuring Coach Sean Ludwig's 1st Basketball Team at Canada's largest all-boys boarding school; Christopher Egi of the 2011 Canadian Men's National Team; Top 3-PT shooters make it to Honor Roll

Is there a teacher in the house? 
Rule #13 of the original set of basketball rules; Videos for teaching shooting form 

What adjustments you can make to change your shot arc; Importance of back spin; Prof. John Fontanella and “The Physics of Basktball”; Which angle does Noah measure?

Effect of high arc on distance control; University level player with high arc 

With the IEM Spartans; Trying out the Noah; Grade 8 boy improves shooting from 48% to 80%